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January 7, 1999

You're My Favorite Mistake

Mark Bausch

Sheryl Crow, the Kennett MO native and former St. Louis-area substitute math teacher-turned superstar recording artist, has another mega-hit on her hands.

The song, "My Favorite Mistake", is the first track on her latest CD...and like any good pop song, its refrain ("you're my favorite mistake") conjures up a myriad of memories in the minds of listeners.

The lovely Mrs. B, with a bit of a gleam in her eye, wonders just how many of the cowboys back in Kennett are darn tootin' sure that Ms. Crow is singing about them.

Me, my addled brain turns to sports.

You know, say, when Rams head coach Dick Vermeil hears the song, what does he think?

I'm-a-thinkin' that DV wonders how the '98 season might have turned out, and how optimistic he, his bosses, and the legion of Rams fans would be about the future, if the Rams, in the second round of the '97 NFL draft, had selected Arizona QB Jake Plummer, instead of Clemson CB Dexter McCleon.

Really, all it takes is one look...just one look (isn't that another song?) to decide that, barring injury, Jake Plummer is a far superior QB to Vermeil's inherited "choice", Michigan State University's Tony Banks.

In fact, Jake Plummer's future, at this date, is every bit as bright as any young QB in all of the NFL.

That's right. Says here that not drafting Jake Plummer is probably Dick Vermeil's favorite mistake.

For one thing, Tony Banks has to be one of the least-mobile NFL QBs not over the age of 30.

And especially with an offensive line as inconsistent as the Rams, a hard-to-catch QB who can make plays while running for his life is practically a required attribute.

Fran Tarkenton, Tony Banks is not.

Norm Snead comes to mind, though.

And that's being kind to young Banks.

But back to Plummer.

'If there's one thing that Jake Plummer can do, it's scramble and make plays

Perhaps more importantly, though, is the way that young Plummer, who just yesterday was rewarded with a five year, $25 million contract (that included an NFL-record $15 million sigining bonus), throws the deep out.

With confidence.

It is that very catch-and-throw pattern, the deep out, that Tony Banks' future NFL career may rest.

That's because, despite his superior arm strength, it sometimes looks as though Banks, if required to throw the ball before his receiver makes his cut, couldn't complete three of those babies in a row...even in the closest DB was back in Kennett.

So it doesn't look good for Tony Banks.

Or Dick Vermeil.

But through the magic of digital audio, Sheryl Crow will be singing about her favorite mistake for a long, long time.

How long will coach Dick Vermeil be allowed to lament, in silence, about his?


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